About Us

Meet the designer Shay Simone. 

CEO, ECommerce Consultant, Speaker, Creative Director,

Fashion Designer & Instructor

Creator of @Shay.Simone

     Shay Simone, formally Via Mermaids, garments have graced hundreds of women worldwide. The brand has evolved from the signature glitter bodysuit and robe sets to sexy lingerie and gowns that are unforgettably Shay's signature design! Launching in October 2011 from her den, our then 15 year old founder, Shay Simone has developed her passion and craft to become a worldwide household name. We now have our own office space in the beautiful Downtown Detroit. All of our garments are custom designed and sewn in Detroit. Shay Simone is a luxury brand that will leave you with an unforgettable experience you will never forget. Defeating breast cancer after two successful surgeries in 2019-2020, Shay is inspired by life, glitter, and runway shows. Shay, now 25, wants women to bring out their inner beauty, wearing her designs.


To provide self love, self care, and embracing every part of you by celebrating a woman's sensuality.